As part of a spring-themed collaborative series between Kris and Steve Loya, this is an original, one-of-a-kind piece of art (not a print), measuring at 5 x 7 inches on 140lb watercolor paper, using watercolors and archival pen and marker. 

May Flowers Monster 19

  • Yellow Face was sad, after the tree on her head had forever lost its leaves. Neither rain or sun would bring them back, after years of no growth. Before long a big pileated woodpecker took up residence on her head, and pecked away each day at the tree without leaves. Yellow Face grew tired of her avian neighbor and it’s constant, annoying pecking, and thought it was time to ask the bird to leave, and go find another tree. Then, something quite unusual and unexpected happened. From the back of Yellow Face’s head grew a fantastic patch of wildflowers - something that had never happened before. Just as Yellow Face was about to thank the bird for the unexpected gift, it was gone, and off to find itself another tree.