As part of a spring-themed collaborative series between Kris and Steve Loya, this is an original, one-of-a-kind piece of art (not a print), measuring at 5 x 7 inches on 140lb watercolor paper, using watercolors and archival pen and marker. 

May Flowers Monster 9

  • Mama Goose thought she had her hands, or should I say feathers full as it is, until she discovered a stray baby Splotch Monster all alone near the pond. She took the shivering little critter under her wing, literally, and kept him warm, waiting for his parents to arrive. After days of no one showing up, she claimed him as one of her own, and took him home to her nest, where he could get some much needed rest. In time, the baby monster got big, and got along quite well with the other goslings. She even named him Flower Face, for obvious reasons - an attribute the young beast was rather proud of, and her little ones very fond of. In the springtime she took her gaggle along with her to the pond every afternoon, and enjoyed her time with her children as long as she could, before they would eventually grow old enough to to fly (or walk) away on their own.